The complete mitochondrial genome of Alpheus hoplocheles (Decapoda: Alpheidae)

  title={The complete mitochondrial genome of Alpheus hoplocheles (Decapoda: Alpheidae)},
  author={Shengping Zhong and Yanfei Zhao and Qin Zhang},
  journal={Mitochondrial DNA Part B},
  pages={189 - 190}
Abstract The snapping shrimp genus Alpheus is the most diverse and abundant genus of Caridea. However, the phylogenetic and taxonomic studies have so far been limited. In this study, we report the third complete mitochondrial genome of Alpheus from A. hoplocheles. The mitogenome has 15,735 base pairs (60.2% A + T content) and made up of a total of 37 genes (13 protein-coding, 22 transfer RNAs and 2 ribosomal RNAs), and a control region. This study was the third available complete mitogenomes of… 
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The complete mitochondrial genome of the eusocial sponge-dwelling snapping shrimp Synalpheus microneptunus
The complete mitochondrial genome of the eusocial shrimp Synalpheus microneptunus will contribute to a better understanding of the selective pressures and rates of molecular evolution in marine eussocial animals.


Evidence for three major clades within the snapping shrimp genus Alpheus inferred from nuclear and mitochondrial gene sequence data.
Phylogenies for Alpheus suggest that specialized ecological requirements and modified claw morphologies have evolved independently several times and support the sister species status of transisthmian pairs analyzed previously, although very similar pairs were not always resolved with the more slowly evolving nuclear loci.
Two new decapod (Crustacea, Malacostraca) complete mitochondrial genomes: bearings on the phylogenetic relationships within the Decapoda
The phylogenetic inferences suggest monophyly of the Decapoda and its two suborders, and that several lineages within the Reptantia are consistently recovered with high nodal supports, suggest the best mitochondrial genome phylogeny can be found on the premise that systematic errors should be minimized as much as possible.
Complete mitochondrial genome of the Japanese snapping shrimp Alpheus japonicus (Crustacea: Decapoda: Caridea): Gene rearrangement and phylogeny within Caridea
The phylogenetic tree that was constructed based on the mitochondrial protein coding genes in the genomes of nine related species indicated that Palaemonidae and Alpheidae formed a monophyly and shared a statistically significant relationship, (Palaemonidae+AlpheidAE)+Atyidae, at the family level.
MITOS: improved de novo metazoan mitochondrial genome annotation.
Reconstructing mitochondrial genomes directly from genomic next-generation sequencing reads—a baiting and iterative mapping approach
The approach overcomes the limitations of traditional strategies for obtaining mitochondrial genomes for species with little or no mitochondrial sequence information at hand and represents a fast and highly efficient in silico alternative to laborious conventional strategies relying on initial long-range PCR.