The complete genome sequence of the Gram-positive bacterium Bacillus subtilis

  title={The complete genome sequence of the Gram-positive bacterium Bacillus subtilis},
  author={Frank Kunst and Naotake Ogasawara and I. Moszer and Alessandra M. Albertini and G. Alloni and Vasco Azevedo and Michela G. Bertero and Philippe Bessi{\`e}res and Alexei Bolotin and Stefan Borchert and Rainer Borriss and Laurent Boursier and Alain Brans and Mario Braun and S. C. Brignell and Sierd Bron and Sophie Brouillet and Carlo V. Bruschi and Beryl Caldwell and V{\'e}ronique Capuano and Nick Mark Carter and S. -K. Choi and J.-J. Codani and Ian F Connerton and Nicola J. Cummings and Richard A Daniel and François Denizot and Kevin M Devine and Andreas Duesterhoeft and Stanislav Dusko Ehrlich and Peter T. Emmerson and Karl Dieter Entian and Jeff Errington and C{\'e}line Fabret and Eug{\^e}nio Alvarenga Ferrari and David Foulger and Christian Fritz and Michiaki Fujita and Yoshikiko Fujita and Shoichi Fuma and Alessandro Galizzi and Nathalie Galleron and S.-Y. Ghim and Philippe Glaser and Andr{\'e} Goffeau and Elizabeth J. Golightly and Guido Grandi and G. Guiseppi and Bernard J Guy and Kei Haga and Jacques Haiech and Colin R. Harwood and Alain H{\'e}naut and H. Sean Hilbert and Siger Holsappel and Siho Hosono and M.-F. Hullo and Mitsuhiro Itaya and Larry L. Jones and Bernard Joris and Dimitri Karamata and Yoichi Kasahara and M. Klaerr-Blanchard and Christine Klein and Yasuo Kobayashi and Peter Koetter and Gregory M. Koningstein and Suzanne Krogh and Masanobu Kumano and Kanako Kurita and Alla Lapidus and Sophie Lardinois and Joerg Lauber and Vladimir Lazarevic and S. Lee and Alain L{\'e}vine and H. Liu and Seiji Masuda and Catherine Mau{\"e}l and Claudine M{\'e}digue and Nadine Medina and Rafael P. Mellado and Motoki Mizuno and D. Moestl and Shigeto Nakai and Michiel Andries Noback and David L. Noone and Michelle O'Reilly and Kento Ogawa and Aya Ogiwara and Bauke Oudega and S. Park and Victor Parro and Thomas M. Pohl and Daniel Portetelle and Steffen Porwollik and Annette M. Prescott and E. Presecan and Pierre Pujic and B{\'e}n{\'e}dicte Purnelle and Georges Rapoport and Marianne Rey and Sheila Reynolds and Mark Rieger and Carlo Rivolta and Evangelina Rocha and Bryan Roche and Matthias Rose and Yoshito Sadaie and Torao Sato and Emma Jane Scanlan and Sibylle Schleich and R M Schr{\"o}ter and F. Scoffone and Jiro Sekiguchi and Agnieszka Sekowska and S. Seror and Pascale Serror and B.-S. Shin and Blazenka Soldo and Alexei Sorokin and Eugenio Tacconi and Takeshi Takagi and Hideki Takahashi and K. Takemaru and Makoto Takeuchi and Atsuo Tamakoshi and Takaaki Tanaka and P. Terpstra and Angelo Tognoni and Valentina Tosato and Satohiko Uchiyama and Micheline Vandenbol and Françoise Vannier and Alessio Vassarotti and Alain Viari and R. Wambutt and Eberhard Wedler and Holger Wedler and Thomas Weitzenegger and Peggy Winters and A Wipat and Hiroshi Yamamoto and Kazuyoshi Yamane and Kiyoshi Yasumoto and Keiko Yata and Kiyohito Yoshida and H Yoshikawa and Emmanuelle Zumstein and Antoine Danchin},
Bacillus subtilis is the best-characterized member of the Gram-positive bacteria. Its genome of 4,214,810 base pairs comprises 4,100 protein-coding genes. Of these protein-coding genes, 53% are represented once, while a quarter of the genome corresponds to several gene families that have been greatly expanded by gene duplication, the largest family containing 77 putative ATP-binding transport proteins. In addition, a large proportion of the genetic capacity is devoted to the utilization of a… CONTINUE READING

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