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The comorbidity of migraine in bipolar disorder

  title={The comorbidity of migraine in bipolar disorder},
  author={A. Ibiloğlu and A. Çayk{\"o}yl{\"u}},
  journal={Journal of Mood Disorders},
Objective: The aim of this study was to determine the frequency of migraine comorbidity with lifetime bipolar disorder (BPD), and the influence of this comorbidity on various demographic and clinical variables in bipolar patients. Method: Patients (n= 96) with a previous diagnosis of BPD in remission (67 female, 29 male) were included in this study. The diagnosis of BPD was clinically made according to DSM-IV criteria, on admission of the patient to the follow-up routine of outpatient clinics… Expand
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Screening for bipolar disorder among migraineurs: the impact of migraine–bipolar disorder comorbidity on disease characteristics
Comorbid BD was associated with a higher rate for a family history of BD, suicide attempt, and childhood physical abuse as well as aggravated migraine-related disability among migraineurs. Expand
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Most of the affected by headache were males, greatest of clients who suffer from chronic headache was using medications, and majority of the patients have headache attack lasted less than one day. Expand


Clinical Characteristics of Patients with Major Affective Disorders and Comorbid Migraine
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It is suggested that the presence of migraine may be used to delineate a distinct subgroup of the major affective disorders. Expand
Clinical correlates of psychiatric comorbidity in bipolar I patients.
A higher number of mixed features, depressive episodes and suicide attempts and a predominance of depressive onset amongst comorbid bipolar patients were the most relevant differences between the two groups. Expand
Prevalence of migraine in bipolar disorder.
An increased risk of suffering form migraine was particularly noted in bipolar patients with an early onset of the disorder, which may represent a more severe form of bipolar affective disorder. Expand
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The data suggest that migraine with anxiety and depression may constitute a distinct syndrome comprising anxiety, often manifested in early childhood, followed by the occurrence of migraine headaches, and then by discrete episodes of depressive disorder in adulthood. Expand
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This paper examines the association between psychiatric disorders and headache syndromes in a longitudinal epidemiologic sample of young adults who were selected from the general population ofExpand
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Through application of current definitions of migraine and psychiatric disorders in structured diagnostic interviews, data have been obtained that strongly support clinical observations on migraine-major depression comorbidity. Expand
Migraine, psychiatric disorders, and suicide attempts: An epidemiologic study of young adults
There was a consistent trend toward higher psychiatric comorbidity in migraine with aura than in migraine without aura, and persons with migraine had higher rates of suicide attempts than persons without migraine. Expand
Migraine headache and mood disorders: a descriptive study in an outpatient psychiatric population.
These results could support the bidirectional association between the two clinical forms, considering the familial and pharmacological patterns. Expand
Migraine, physical health and psychiatric disorder: a prospective epidemiologic study in young adults.
The link between migraine, major depression and anxiety might reflect a common predisposition, and those with such a history had significantly more physical symptoms and were more likely to report job absenteeism, assess their general health as fair or poor, and use mental health services. Expand
Prevalence and clinical characteristics of migraine in France
The prevalence of migraine in France is 7.9%, and that of total migraine is 17.0%; this does not seem to have evolved over the past 10 years. Expand