The commercialization of genome-editing technologies

  title={The commercialization of genome-editing technologies},
  author={Katelyn N. Brinegar and Ali K Yetisen and Sun Choi and Emily Vallillo and Guillermo U. Ruiz-Esparza and A. M. Prabhakar and A. Khademhosseini and S. Yun},
  journal={Critical Reviews in Biotechnology},
  pages={924 - 932}
  • Katelyn N. Brinegar, Ali K Yetisen, +5 authors S. Yun
  • Published 2017
  • Engineering, Medicine
  • Critical Reviews in Biotechnology
  • The emergence of new gene-editing technologies is profoundly transforming human therapeutics, agriculture, and industrial biotechnology. [...] Key Result These academic institutions, and their subsequent companies, are competing to generate comprehensive intellectual property portfolios to rapidly commercialize CRISPR products. Our analysis shows that the emergence of CRISPR has resulted in a fivefold increase in genome-editing bioenterprise investment over the last year. This entrepreneurial movement has…Expand Abstract
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