The coming of the Greeks to Provence and Corsica: Y-chromosome models of archaic Greek colonization of the western Mediterranean

  title={The coming of the Greeks to Provence and Corsica: Y-chromosome models of archaic Greek colonization of the western Mediterranean},
  author={R. King and J. Di Cristofaro and A. Kouvatsi and C. Triantaphyllidis and W. Scheidel and Natalie M. Myres and A. A. Lin and Alexandre Eissautier and M. Mitchell and D. Binder and O. Semino and A. Novelletto and P. Underhill and J. Chiaroni},
  journal={BMC Evolutionary Biology},
  pages={69 - 69}
  • R. King, J. Di Cristofaro, +11 authors J. Chiaroni
  • Published 2010
  • Medicine, Biology
  • BMC Evolutionary Biology
  • BackgroundThe process of Greek colonization of the central and western Mediterranean during the Archaic and Classical Eras has been understudied from the perspective of population genetics. To investigate the Y chromosomal demography of Greek colonization in the western Mediterranean, Y-chromosome data consisting of 29 YSNPs and 37 YSTRs were compared from 51 subjects from Provence, 58 subjects from Smyrna and 31 subjects whose paternal ancestry derives from Asia Minor Phokaia, the ancestral… CONTINUE READING
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