The colonization and success in greece of some importedAphytis spp. [Hym. aphelinidae] parasitic on citrus scale insects [Hom. Diaspididae]

  title={The colonization and success in greece of some importedAphytis spp. [Hym. aphelinidae] parasitic on citrus scale insects [Hom. Diaspididae]},
  author={P. Debach and L. Argyriou},
RésuméQuatre espèces d'Aphytis ont été introduites dans le Sud de la Grèce fin 1962 et début 1963 en vue de compléter l'action des ennemis naturels contre plusieurs cochenilles diaspines ennemies desCitrus. Plusieurs milliers de femelles de chacune des espèces suivantes:Aphytis melinusDeBach,A. lingnanensisCompere etA. coheniDeBach ont été libérées dans des fortes infestations deAonidiella aurantiiMaskell etChrysomphalus dictyospermi (Morgan).Aphytis lepidosaphes a été introduit… Expand

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This parasite is capable of maintaining a high parasitization rate over a wide range of host densities (2–20 parasitizable scales per leaf) and among chosen leafs of the same low scale density the parasite is more efficient on old leaves than on new ones. Expand
The establishment ofMetaphycus helvolus (Compere) [Hym. Encyrtidae] onSaissetia oleae (Bern.) [Hom. Coccidae] in olive groves in Greece
RésuméUne souche pure de l'EncyrtideMetaphycus helvolusCompere a été importée de Californie par airfret and directement relâchée sur des Oliviers attaqués par la CochenilleSaissetia oleaeBern dans le site du lâcher originel. Expand
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Studies on the development, fecundity, nutrition and the influence of temperature and humidity onAphytis coheniDeBach, an ectoparasite of the California red scale,Aonidiella aurantii (Maskell) wereExpand
Essais de lutte biologique contre la Cochenille du manioc au Gabon: I. — Établissement, dispersion du parasite exotiqueEpidinocarsis lopezi [Hym.: Encyrtidae] et déplacement compétitif des parasites indigènes
Changes in the parasitization rates according to CM density shows that the parasite is capable of maintaining a percentage of parasitism of 20 to 56% over a range of host densities of 2 to 16 parasitizable mealybugs. Expand
Influence of host size on parasitism by Aphytis chrysomphali and A. melinus (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae) in Mediterranean populations of California red scale Aonidiella aurantii (Hemiptera: Diaspididae)
The CRS sizes that the two parasitoids used as host in eastern Spain citrus orchards over a two year period were determined and the sex ratio of the thelytokous A. chrysomphali was extremely female biased and Gregariousness and parasitoid size were positively influenced by host size. Expand
Displacement of Aphytis chrysomphali by Aphytis melinus, parasitoids of the California red scale, in the Iberian Peninsula
Overall, higher levels of parasitism were recorded in fruit than in twigs, and the recent displacement of A. chrysomphali by A. melinus is revealed, which will be useful in the decision of IPM strategies for this pest. Expand
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The results show that A. fuscipennis dispersed to 12 m with no differences in the average adult recaptured in the three distances tested, which suggest that the parasitoid could spread over 12 m and the wind contributes to passive dispersal once the insect started flying. Expand
The role of parasitoids in the control of the purple scale, Lepidosaphes beckii (New.) in Egypt
It could be concluded that parasitism plays a major role in controlling populations of the purple scale in Menofia Provience, Egypt. Expand


Some species of Aphylis for possible use in the biological control of Chrysomphalus dictyospermi
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