The cold reading technique

  title={The cold reading technique},
  author={Donnie Dutton},
  • D. Dutton
  • Published 15 April 1988
  • Psychology
  • Experientia
For many people, belief in the paranormal derives from personal experience of face-to-face interviews with astrologers, palm readers, aura and Tarot readers, and spirit mediums. These encounters typically involve cold reading, a process in which a reader makes calculated guesses about a client's background and problems and, depending on the reaction, elaborates a reading which seems to the client so uniquely appropriate that it carries with it the illusion of having been produced by paranormal… 
Psychics vs. Non-psychics in 'Face-to-Face' and 'Remote' Token-object Reading Conditions
Psychic reading is a method used to foretell the future of an individual. However, cold reading is a non-paranormal technique used by many self-claimed psychics and mediums to determine details about
Tarot Cards: A Literature Review and Evaluation of Psychic versus Psychological Explanations
It is estimated that more than 400 different tarot decks exist today, representing ideas derived from different occults, religions, and spiritual brotherhoods (Decker & Dummett, 2002). The roots of
Roots of the Rorschach controversy B
The controversy surrounding the Rorschach is updated, and an analysis of its dynamics is offered. Results on normative data and validity are reviewed, followed by a summary of, and rebuttal to,
Roots of the Rorschach controversy.
“Like You Could Read What Was Inside of Me”: Genocide, Hermeneutics, and Religion in The Wizard of Oz
Ten years before he wrote The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, L. Frank Baum produced two editorials calling for the death of all Native American people. These editorials have affected how both Baum’s novel
Unresolved questions concerning the effectiveness of psychological assessment as a therapeutic intervention: comment on Poston and Hanson (2010).
Although extant data suggest that PATI can sometimes exert positive effects, Poston and Hanson's (2010) meta-analysis may overstate the magnitude of these effects because the authors included several studies that combined assessment with treatment components that are irrelevant to PATI.
Discovering Your Personality: A Group Exercise In Personal Sensemaking
Personality affects a wide variety of issues in organizational behavior, human resource management, and strategic management. Instructors teaching personality often have students take personality
Entscheidungen und Beeinflussungen
In diesem Kapitel werden die vielfaltigen Faktoren vorgestellt, die unsere Entscheidungen masgeblich beeinflussen. Es wird umfassend beschrieben, warum wir uns im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes oft


The Psychic Reading
MIKE, A FREE-LANCE WRITER, visited a number of psychic readers to gather material for an article. He obtained a reading from each one. He also interviewed me to see how a psychologist would react to
Personal Validation and the Person
Forer's paper (1959) presents some notions about the requirements for describing and documenting individuality and summarized studies demonstrating that many psychological statements are universally valid, at least for some clinical samples, and that acceptable clinical statements can be made from virtually no evidence.
Popular horoscopes and the "Barnum effect."
Summary The following were investigated in a series of studies on 366 college students: (a) individual differences associated with horoscope reading habits, (b) the reliability and validity of daily
Acceptance of general personality interpretations prior to and after receipt of diagnostic feedback supposedly based on psychological, graphological, and astrological assessment procedures.
There was no difference in the acceptance of a general personality interpretation supposedly based on psychological, graphological, or astrological assessment procedures, but S faith in all assessment procedures and perceived diagnostician skill increased significantly from before to after receipt of the diagnostic feedback.
The Self: Psychological and Philosophical Issues
trically blind to cross-cultural issues faced by Christians outside the Englishspeaking sphere. When he comes to advocating a Christian political party,.therefore, one feels alarmed by the
Why horoscopes are true: The effects of specificity on acceptance of astrological interpretations
Astrology has fascinated people for thousands of years, as they look to the skies for "accurate" information about themselves. Historically, support for astrology decreased because of the disfavor of
The ‘Barnum Effect’ in Personality Assessment: A Review of the Literature
This review summarizes to date the research on the Barnum effect, the tendency for people to accept vague, ambiguous, and general statements as descriptive of their unique personalities. Studies
Student Acceptance of Generalized Personality Interpretations
Two groups of Ss were given personality tests and their interpretations, which were identical for each S. Ss were asked to rate the interpretations on a scale ranging from Excellent to Very Poor.
Student Acceptance of Bogus Personality Interpretations Differing in Level of Social Desirability
S in the favorable and neutral groups endorsed the credibility of the interpretations in general with greater intensity than those in the unfavorable group and were more convinced of the veracity of each individual statement, including two uncomplimentarily-worded statements which were contained in the profiles of all three groups.
Barnum Statements in Reports of Psychological Assessment
Barnum concepts have previously been studied in an experimental paradigm requiring deception and identical personality data for each subject. Three replications of a reliable methodology for