The cognitive power meter: Looking beyond the smart meter


The smart meter is often heralded as the key component supporting energy displays that can notify home occupants of their energy usage. But, a smart meter is only a digital power meter with enhanced communications capabilities - it is not actually smart. We need to look beyond the smart meter and define what intelligence is needed to actually make a meter smart. One area with promise is load disaggregation. Load disaggregation can be used to determine what loads contributing to the consumption reading at the smart meter. A smart meter incorporating load disaggregation intelligence can be seen as going beyond the traditional smart meter - what we call a cognitive power meter (c-meter). However, using load disaggregation, in its current form, is not feasible. We critically review the requirements for a c-meter and provide insights as to how load disaggregation research needs to change to make the c-meters a reality.

DOI: 10.1109/CCECE.2013.6567686

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