The coenzyme/protein pair and the molecular evolution of life.

  title={The coenzyme/protein pair and the molecular evolution of life.},
  author={Andreas Kirschning},
  journal={Natural product reports},
  • A. Kirschning
  • Published 18 November 2020
  • Biology
  • Natural product reports
Covering: up to 2020What was first? Coenzymes or proteins? These questions are archetypal examples of causal circularity in living systems. Classically, this "chicken-and-egg" problem was discussed for the macromolecules RNA, DNA and proteins. This report focuses on coenzymes and cofactors and discusses the coenzyme/protein pair as another example of causal circularity in life. Reflections on the origin of life and hypotheses on possible prebiotic worlds led to the current notion that RNA was… 

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A Cofactor-Based Mechanism for the Origin of the Genetic Code

It is proposed that the codon-anticodon duplex located in the acceptor stem of primitive tRNAs would facilitate the chemical reactions required to synthesize cognate amino acids from simple amino acids linked to the 3′ acceptor end.



Prebiotic chemistry and the origin of the RNA world.

  • L. Orgel
  • Biology
    Critical reviews in biochemistry and molecular biology
  • 2004
The demonstration that ribosomal peptide synthesis is a ribozyme-catalyzed reaction makes it almost certain that there was once an RNA World, and a discussion of genetic systems simpler than RNA that might have "invented" RNA is discussed.

The Origin and Evolution of Ribonucleotide Reduction

The evolutionary and biochemical limits for an origin of the mechanism in the RNA + protein world are explored and a model that is similar to the B12-dependent mechanism in modern class II RNRs is suggested.

Prebiotic Peptides: Molecular Hubs in the Origin of Life.

It is proposed that ample future breakthroughs in origin-of-life chemistry will stem from investigations of interconnected chemical systems in which synergistic interactions between different classes of molecules emerge.

The origins of the RNA world.

The problem of the origin of the RNA World is far from being solved, and it is fruitful to consider the alternative possibility that RNA was preceded by some other replicating, evolving molecule, just as DNA and proteins were preceded by RNA.

Coenzymes as coribozymes.

A Direct Prebiotic Synthesis of Nicotinamide Nucleotide.

A prebiotic synthesis of phosphorylated nicotinamide ribose under conditions that also conveniently lead to the adenosine phosphate components of this and other RNA cofactors is reported.

Circular RNAs: relics of precellular evolution?

  • T. O. Diener
  • Biology
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
  • 1989
It is suggested that these plant RNAs are more plausible candidates than introns as "living fossils" of a precellular RNA world and their small size and circularity would have enhanced probability of their survival in error-prone, primitive self-replicating RNA systems and assured complete replication without the need for initiation or termination signals.

Viruses and Evolution – Viruses First? A Personal Perspective

It is discussed how viruses can lose and gain genes, and that they are essential drivers of evolution, which may indicate that there is no sharp border between living and non-living entities but an evolutionary continuum.

A widespread riboswitch candidate that controls bacterial genes involved in molybdenum cofactor and tungsten cofactor metabolism

It is demonstrated that a Moco RNA in Escherichia coli associated with the Moco biosynthetic operon controls gene expression in response to Moco production and evidence indicating that this conserved RNA discriminates against closely related analogues of Moco is provided.