The cloning expression and tissue distribution of human PP2Cbeta.

  title={The cloning expression and tissue distribution of human PP2Cbeta.},
  author={A E Marley and Adam D Kline and G S Crabtree and Jane E Sullivan and Raj K. Beri},
  journal={FEBS letters},
  volume={431 1},
We have cloned a novel PP2Cbeta isoform from a human liver cDNA library which codes for a protein homologous to other mammalian PP2Cbetas at the N-terminus but with an extended C-terminus that is unique amongst the PP2Cs. The protein expressed in E. coli is indistinguishable from human recombinant PP2Calpha in its cation dependence and insensitivity to okadaic acid. Northern blot analysis of PP2Cbeta along with that of PP2Calpha shows that human PP2Cs are widely expressed and are most abundant… CONTINUE READING


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