The cloche and spadetail genes differentially affect hematopoiesis and vasculogenesis.

  title={The cloche and spadetail genes differentially affect hematopoiesis and vasculogenesis.},
  author={Mary Ann Thompson and David G. Ransom and Stephen J. Pratt and Hugh MacLennan and Mark W Kieran and H William Detrich and Brenda Vail and Tara L. Huber and Barry H Paw and Alison Brownlie and Andrew C Oates and Andreas Fritz and Michael A. Gates and Angel Amores and Nathan Bahary and William S. Talbot and Hunter Her and David R Beier and John H Postlethwait and Leonard I. Zon},
  journal={Developmental biology},
  volume={197 2},
In vertebrates, hematopoietic and vascular progenitors develop from ventral mesoderm. The first primitive wave of hematopoiesis yields embryonic red blood cells, whereas progenitor cells of subsequent definitive waves form all hematopoietic cell lineages. In this report we examine the development of hematopoietic and vasculogenic cells in normal zebrafish and characterize defects in cloche and spadetail mutant embryos. The zebrafish homologs of lmo2, c-myb, fli1, flk1, and flt4 have been cloned… CONTINUE READING
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