The clearance of BNP modeled using the NT-proBNP-BNP relationship

  title={The clearance of BNP modeled using the NT-proBNP-BNP relationship},
  author={Martin H. Kroll and Pornpen Srisawasdi},
  journal={Bio Systems},
  volume={88 1-2},
BACKGROUND The ventricular myocardium simultaneously secretes two natriuretic peptides useful in the evaluation of heart failure: BNP, hormonally active, and NT-proBNP, the N-terminal end, non-hormonally active, but ultimately their concentrations differ and their clearance patterns are poorly defined. METHODS We measured NT-proBNP and BNP in patients with and without heart failure and compared their concentrations using regression analysis. RESULTS The relationship between NT-proBNP with… CONTINUE READING


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