The claudin Megatrachea protein complex.

  title={The claudin Megatrachea protein complex.},
  author={Martin H J Jaspers and Kai Nolde and Matthias Behr and Seol-hee Joo and Uwe Plessmann and Miroslav Nikolov and Henning Urlaub and Reinhard Schuh},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={287 44},
Claudins are integral transmembrane components of the tight junctions forming trans-epithelial barriers in many organs, such as the nervous system, lung, and epidermis. In Drosophila three claudins have been identified that are required for forming the tight junctions analogous structure, the septate junctions (SJs). The lack of claudins results in a disruption of SJ integrity leading to a breakdown of the trans-epithelial barrier and to disturbed epithelial morphogenesis. However, little is… CONTINUE READING