The class I bHLH factors E2-2A and E2-2B regulate EMT.

  title={The class I bHLH factors E2-2A and E2-2B regulate EMT.},
  author={Veronica R. Sobrado and Gema Moreno-Bueno and Eva Cubillo and Liam J Holt and M Angela Nieto and Francisco Portillo and A Barbado Cano},
  journal={Journal of cell science},
  volume={122 Pt 7},
Functional loss of the cell-cell adhesion molecule E-cadherin is an essential event for epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT), a process that allows cell migration during embryonic development and tumour invasion. In most carcinomas, transcriptional repression has emerged as the main mechanism responsible for E-cadherin downregulation. Here, we report the identification of class I bHLH factor E2-2 (TCF4/ITF2) as a new EMT regulator. Both isoforms of E2-2 (E2-2A and E2-2B) induce a full EMT… CONTINUE READING