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The clamped intensity of femtosecond laser pulses varying with gas pressure in the presence of external focusing

  title={The clamped intensity of femtosecond laser pulses varying with gas pressure in the presence of external focusing},
  author={Quanjun Wang and Yuxuan Zhang and Yue Zheng and Zhoumingyang Zhu and Pengji Ding and Zuoye Liu and Bi-tao Hu},
We perform a theoretical investigation of the clamped laser intensity inside the filament plasma as a function of gas pressure with external focusing. Unlike the clamped intensity under the self-focusing condition, which is independent on the gas pressure, the clamped intensity with external focusing decreases with the gas pressure. Our findings can explain the changes of the signals of femtosecond-laser-induced 391-nm forward emission and fluorescence with the nitrogen gas pressure. 

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