The civilizing of hurling in Ireland

  title={The civilizing of hurling in Ireland},
  author={Paddy Dolan and Johnny Connolly},
  journal={Sport in Society},
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This essay examines the sport of hurling in Ireland through the theoretical framework of sport and leisure developed by Elias and Dunning. Through an analysis of newspaper reports of games, of rulebooks and codes of play, as well as historical data on increasing social differentiation and integration, we argue that hurling has undergone sportization and civilizing processes. However, due to the unevenness of wider figurational shifts these processes have been non-linear and fragile. Gradually… 
The civilizing and sportization of Gaelic football in Ireland: 1884–2009.
Over the course of the last 125 years the sport of Gaelic football in Ireland has undergone a sportization and civilizing process as the rules governing the sport became stricter and players
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Elias’s 1981 lecture contains a mature restatement of ideas that he first put forward in The Civilizing Process more than four decades earlier, especially the connection he traced between processes
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History, Theory and the ‘Civilizing Process’
Eric Dunning and Kenneth Sheard, Barbarians, Gentlemen and Players: A Sociological Study of the Development of Rugby Football , 2nd edn (London: Routledge, 2005). Pp. 310 £70.00 (hb) and £22.99 (pb).
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Social bonding and violence in sport
  • E. Dunning
  • Sociology
    Journal of Biosocial Science
  • 1981
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