The chronic effects of concussion on gait.

  title={The chronic effects of concussion on gait.},
  author={Douglas N. Martini and Matthew J Sabin and Sarah A DePesa and Elisa W Leal and Tabitha N Negrete and Jacob J. Sosnoff and Steven P. Broglio},
  journal={Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation},
  volume={92 4},
OBJECTIVE To examine the effects of concussion on gait patterns of young adults with and without a history of concussion during single- and dual-task paradigms. DESIGN Cross-sectional evaluation. SETTING A research laboratory. PARTICIPANTS Persons with (n=28; mean, 6.32y postinjury) and without (n=40) a concussion history. INTERVENTION Not applicable. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES A battery of gait analyses during single- and dual-task conditions. Normalized velocity, step length, stride… CONTINUE READING