The chorologic pattern of European Nardus-rich communities

  title={The chorologic pattern of European Nardus-rich communities},
  author={E. Krahulec},
  • E. Krahulec
  • Published 2004
  • Environmental Science
  • Vegetatio
Two types of Nardus-rich communities may be distinguished in Europe according to their geographic pattern: I. Communities of high mountains showing discontinuous variation. Different florogenesis in island-like high mountains results in a number of alliances characteristic for particular mountain systems: Trifolion humilis Quézel 57 (Atlas, N Africa), Plantaginion thalackeri Quézel 53 (Sierra Nevada), Campanulo-Nardion Rivaz-Martinez 63 (mountains of the central Iberian peninsula), Nardion Br… 
Classification of the Sieversio montanae-Nardetum strictae in a cross-section of the Eastern Alps
The Sieversio montanae-Nardetum strictae is one of the most widespread plant communities in (sub-) alpine regions of the Alps. Our study examines the composition, ecology and distribution of this
Mountain Nardus stricta grasslands as a relic of past farming – the effects of grazing abandonment in relation to elevation and spatial scale
The decline of grazing management in mountains has resulted in a dramatic decrease of areas occupied by semi-natural grasslands with Nardus stricta. In order to effectively protect existing
The vegetation of rock fissures, screes, and snow-beds in the Pirin Planina mountains (Bulgaria)
The vegetation of calcareous rock fissures and crevices, marble screes, and snow-beds on granite, marble and lime-rich schists was studied in the Pirin Planina Mts., SW Bulgaria. Three plant
Vegetation of the silicicolous grasslands of the highlands of North-Eastern Slovenia has been sampled with standard Braun-Blanquet procedure. All the 102 collected releves have been classified within
Above- and belowground patterns in a subalpine grassland-shrub mosaic
The presented evidence suggests that maintaining grasslands with a low cover of R. ferrugineum balances a number of services, namely plant species diversity, carbon stabilization in soil and the prevention of soil erosion.
Predicting the species composition of Nardus stricta communities by logistic regression modelling
Abstract Question: Predictive models in plant ecology usually deal with single species or community types. Little effort has so far been made to predict the species composition of a community
Snow Depth and Vegetation Pattern in a Late-melting Snowbed Analyzed by GPS and GIS in the Giant Mountains, Czech Republic
Abstract A large, late-melting snowbed and famous landmark was analyzed on a south-facing slope in the Giant (Krkonose/Karkonosze) Mountains, the High Sudetes, Czech Republic. So far, only its
Addressing the Impact of Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition on Western European Grasslands
The findings of a workshop held for European policy makers to assess the perceived importance of reactive nitrogen deposition for grassland conservation, identify areas for policy development in Europe and assess the potential for managing and mitigating the impacts of nitrogen deposition are reported.


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