The chloroplast genome sequence of Chara vulgaris sheds new light into the closest green algal relatives of land plants.

  title={The chloroplast genome sequence of Chara vulgaris sheds new light into the closest green algal relatives of land plants.},
  author={M. Turmel and C. Otis and C. Lemieux},
  journal={Molecular biology and evolution},
  volume={23 6},
  • M. Turmel, C. Otis, C. Lemieux
  • Published 2006
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Molecular biology and evolution
  • The phylum Streptophyta comprises all land plants and six monophyletic groups of charophycean green algae (Mesostigmatales, Chlorokybales, Klebsormidiales, Zygnematales, Coleochaetales, and Charales). Phylogenetic analyses of four genes encoded in three cellular compartments suggest that the Charales are sister to land plants and that charophycean green algae evolved progressively toward an increasing cellular complexity. To validate this phylogenetic hypothesis and to understand how and when… CONTINUE READING
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