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The chemical investigation of the Amaryllidaceae and Hyacinthaceae.

  title={The chemical investigation of the Amaryllidaceae and Hyacinthaceae.},
  author={N. Moodley},
This work is an account of investigations into the chemistry of members of the Amaryllidaceae and Hyacinthaceae families. The plants of the family Amaryllidaceae are a large group comprising over sixty genera and more than a thousand species. They are widely distributed, but are found more richly in the tropics, with a particularly high density in South Africa, with smaller centers of diversity in Andean South America and the Mediterranean. Amaryllidaceae plants have been extensively used by… Expand
Alkaloids of the South African Amaryllidaceae: A Review


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Urginea macrocentra (Baker) : Its Toxic Effects on Ruminants.
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