The chemical composition of depot fats in chickens and turkeys

  title={The chemical composition of depot fats in chickens and turkeys},
  author={Mary K. Nutter and Ernest Earl Lockhart and Robert Samuel Harris},
  journal={Oil \& Soap},
SummarySeveral chemical constants have been determined on the depot fats taken from four strains of chickens and four strains of turkeys. Similar analyses have been run on depot fat from cold storage turkey and on “commercial” samples of chicken and turkey fat obtained from the wholesale market.There is no significant difference in the constants of fats from various breeds of chicken. The fats from various breeds of turkey are also similar.Furthermore, there is no outstanding difference between… 

The Role of Tocopherol Content in the Comparative Stability of Chicken and Turkey Fat

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SUMMARY: The carbonyl compounds in cooked turkey and chicken skin fractions after storage were isolated as their 2,4-dinitrophenylhdrazones. The monocarbonyl class was separated into methyl ketones,

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It is found that the number and form of fat bodies in White-crowned Sparrows, Zono-trichia leucophrys gambelii, are very similar to those of the domestic fowl; it seems possible, therefore, that this could be a common pattern in birds.

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Oils and fats of vegetable and animal origin have recently attracted growing interest as renewable raw materials in oleochemical industries. This attention arises from not only environmental reasons,

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Ophryotrocha cyclops appears well adapted to extreme environments and may rely on lipid-rich organic matter for survival and dispersal in cold environments.