The characteristics of magnetic CVs in the period gap

  title={The characteristics of magnetic CVs in the period gap},
  author={G.Tovmassian and S. Zharikov and Ronald Mennickent and J. Greiner},
We have observed several magnetic cataclysmic variables located in the range between 2 and 3 hours, known as the period gap. This work was prompted by the recent discovery of RXJ1554.2+2721. It has 2.54 hours orbital period and shows almost pure cyclotron continuum in a low luminosity state, similar to HS1023+3900, HS0922+1333 and RBS206. These are low accretion rate polars (LARPs) known to have mass transfer rates of order of a few 10 -13 M ⊙ /year. The aim of the study was to find out, if… 

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