The changing face of beauty

  title={The changing face of beauty},
  author={Sharon Romm},
  journal={Aesthetic Plastic Surgery},
  • S. Romm
  • Published 1 December 1992
  • Art
  • Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Beautiful faces, like clothing and body conformation, go in and out of fashion. Yet, certain women in every era are considered truly beautiful. Who, then, sets standards of facial beauty and how are women chosen as representative of an ideal? Identifying great beauties is easier than explaining why they are chosen, but answers to these elusive questions are suggested in art, literature, and a review of past events. 
Perspective Morphometric Criteria for Facial Beauty and Proportion Assessment
In this work, several measures have been gathered from studies in the literature considering datasets of beautiful women to build a set of measures that can be defined as suggestive of female attractiveness, and results show that the set of chosen measures is significant in terms of attractiveness evaluation.
The effect of visible skin condition on the perception of female facial age, health, and attractiveness
Evolutionary psychologists argue that humans have evolved preferences for those facial features that signal health and fertility and thus facilitate mate selection. While there is ample evidence for
Comparison of Facial Proportions Between Eastern and Western Attractive Young Women.
The authors objectively established reference data for faces that are considered attractive in the East and the West and the data are expected to contribute to the clinical practice of plastic surgeons.
Making the Gendered Face: The Art and Science of Facial Feminization Surgery
Early surgical procedures intended to change a person s sex focused on the genitals as the site of a body s maleness or femaleness, and took the reconstruction of these organs as the means by which ,
Biometric Study of Eyelid Shape and Dimensions of Different Races with References to Beauty
The results of this study found that attractive Korean faces have relatively wide-set eyes and that the medial and lateral eye fissure height is greater than that in average Korean faces.
Attractive Composite Faces of Different Races
Examples of attractive composite faces from different races, generated using the same computerized morphing systems reported in my previous article, are introduced and are regarded as good examples for understanding prior and current configurations, balance, harmony, or the secret of attractive faces of different races.
Cosmetics in Roman Antiquity: Substance, Remedy, Poison
Mention of ancient makeup, allusions to its associations, and its connection to female beauty are scattered throughout Latin literature. It may seem a minor, even unimportant concern, but nonetheless
Attractiveness of Eyebrow Position and Shape in Females Depends on the Age of the Beholder
There is not one single beauty ideal for eyebrows, but at least three, and the ideal a person prefers depends on his or her age.
Female eye attractiveness - Where beauty meets science.
Forehead Contouring as an Adjunct to Rhinoplasty: Evaluation of the Effect on Facial Appearance, Personal Traits and Patient Satisfaction
The nose has a great impact on facial beauty and appearance. Therefore rhinoplasty is one of the most performed procedures worldwide. However, considering the varying degrees of cosmetic operations


What is beautiful is good.
The present results indicate a "what is beautiful is good" stereotype along the physical attractiveness dimension with no Sex of Judge X Sex of Stimulus interaction, which has implications on self-concept development and the course of social interaction.
Physical Attractiveness
This experiment was designed to test the idea that physically attractive (PA) persons are perceived as having two types of goodness-sex-relevant and sexirrelevant. Three hypotheses were tested to
Mary Queen of Scots
Antonia Fraser's bestselling biography of one of the most romantic and controversial figures in British history - a special 40th anniversary edition. Mary Queen of Scots passed her childhood in
The Artificial Face
  • Great Britain: Hippocrene,
  • 1973
American Beauty Chicago
  • Univ Chicago P,
  • 1984
The Life and Art of Albrecht Dürer
This classic text presents the life, times, and works of Albrecht Durer. Through the skill and immense knowledge of Erwin Panofsky, the reader is dazzled not only by Durer the artist but also Durer
The Middle English ideal of personal beauty