The cercus-to-giant interneuron system of crickets

  title={The cercus-to-giant interneuron system of crickets},
  author={Rodney K. Murphey and John Palka and Reinhold Hustert},
  journal={Journal of comparative physiology},
1. The two largest interneurons in the abdominal nervous system of crickets (the Medial and Lateral Giant Interneurons, MGI and LGI) have been studied using intracellular and extracellular recording techniques and cobalt filling. 2. All of the largest action potentials (5–7mV) seen in the extracellularly recorded phasic response of the connectives anterior to the terminal abdominal ganglion to sound stimulation can be accounted for by the behavior of MGI and LGI. In favorable preparations the… CONTINUE READING