The centrosome in normal and transformed cells.

  title={The centrosome in normal and transformed cells.},
  author={Qiang Wang and Yoshihiko Hirohashi and Keiji Furuuchi and Huiwu Zhao and Qingdu Liu and Hongtao Zhang and Ramachandran Murali and Alan Berezov and Xiulian Du and Bin Li and M ichael Greene},
  journal={DNA and cell biology},
  volume={23 8},
The centrosome is a unique organelle that functions as the microtubule organizing center in most animal cells. During cell division, the centrosomes form the poles of the bipolar mitotic spindle. In addition, the centrosomes are also needed for cytokinesis. Each mammalian somatic cell typically contains one centrosome, which is duplicated in coordination with DNA replication. Just like the chromosomes, the centrosome is precisely reproduced once and only once during each cell cycle. However, it… CONTINUE READING

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