The centre-to-limb variation of the moon's brightness at 2 and 6cm wavelength

  title={The centre-to-limb variation of the moon's brightness at 2 and 6cm wavelength},
  author={W. Hirth and M. Butz and L. Velden and E. F{\"u}rst},
  journal={The moon},
A map of the Moon at 2 cm wavelength is presented. The angular (≃ 1′arc) and temperature resolution (< 0.1 K) is sufficient to study systematic details of the brightness distribution. In particular, the centre-to-limb variation is considered. An estimate of the dielectric constant∈ is possible (1.4 ⩽∈ ⩽ 2.5). The existence of a temperature gradient in the lunar surface layers is used to derive the depth of penetration of electromagnetic waves (Le), which isLe ≃ 8 m for 2 cm wavelength. The… Expand


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