The cenpB gene is not essential in mice

  title={The cenpB gene is not essential in mice},
  author={Mini Kapoor and Roberto Montes de Oca Luna and Gen Liu and Guillermina Lozano and Chris G Cummings and Michael Mancini and Ilia Ouspenski and Bill R. Brinkley and Gregory S. May},
Centromere protein B (CENP-B) is a centromeric DNA-binding protein that binds to α-satellite DNA at the 17 bp CENP-B box sequence. The binding of CENP-B, along with other proteins, to α-satellite DNA sequences at the centromere, is thought to package the DNA into heterochromatin subjacent to the kinetochore of mitotic chromosomes. To determine the importance of CENP-B to kinetochore assembly and function, we generated a mouse null for the cenpB gene. The deletion removed part of the promoter… CONTINUE READING