[The cause of urodynamic disorders].


The author offers a classification of urodynamic disorders, chronic and acute, of the upper and lower urinary tracts. The latter are subdivided into congenital and acquired, all the disorders are classified as organic and dynamic. Allowances for both etiological and pathogenetic aspects secure maximal hospitality of this classification which covers both known and expected nosological entities. Systematization of the causes underlying urodynamic disturbances is essential both fundamentally and clinically because it clarifies cause-effect relationships between the nosological entity and related complications, concomitant diseases; contributes to formulation of accurate diagnosis, this facilitating choice of diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.

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@article{Panikratov1996TheCO, title={[The cause of urodynamic disorders].}, author={K D Panikratov}, journal={Urologii︠a︡ i nefrologii︠a︡}, year={1996}, volume={5}, pages={7-10} }