The catechins ofPolygonum coriarium

  title={The catechins ofPolygonum coriarium},
  author={Sh. Yu. Islambekov and A. K. Karimdzhanov and A. I. Ismailov and A. S. Sadykov},
  journal={Chemistry of Natural Compounds},
i "f idue (0.04°70, Fig. 1, d) was purified in a PAKhV-03 preparative /5 3o 4~ 6o i5 za zs /5 z0 ~s ~s gas-liquid chromatograph at 130 ° C in a column (5000 x 8ram) retention time, min containing deactivated Inza diatomite brick (grain size 0.030.5 ram) impregnated with dinonyl phthalate (30% of the Fig. 1. Chromatograms of pine oleoresin turpentine (a); technical a-pinene (b); tricyclene fraction isoweight of the brick). This gave 0.003% of tricyclene CIoH16 lated by a fractional distillation…