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The case study of one patient with gut fermentation Syndrome : case report and review of the literature

  title={The case study of one patient with gut fermentation Syndrome : case report and review of the literature},
  author={Xiaodi Guo and W. Zhang and Ronghai Huang and J. Ma and Zhida Liu and D. Hu and Jianping Chen and Yue Sun and W. Liu},
Gut Fermentation Syndrome, also known as Auto-Brewery Syndrome, is rarely encountered in clinical practice. It was first described in 1952 in Japan, after that, only very few cases have been reported from Japan and several western countries, here we reviewed and report a male patient, who was 30 years old, with progressively digestive tract and intoxication symptoms as well as abnormal liver functions. The blood alcohol concentration of this patient elevated without ethanol intake, and the… Expand
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