The case for body positivity on social media: Perspectives on current advances and future directions

  title={The case for body positivity on social media: Perspectives on current advances and future directions},
  author={Rachel Cohen and Toby R. O. Newton-John and Amy Slater},
  journal={Journal of Health Psychology},
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In recent years, the body-positive movement has emerged on social media and has generated both support and criticism in pop-cultural discourse. We review the potential benefits and disadvantages of ‘body positivity’ on social media in light of theory and the available research. Based on the early evidence showing potential benefits of engaging with body-positive content on social media for positive body image, a case is made in support of this emerging content. Nevertheless, recommendations are… 
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Fat. The word has a negative, vitriolic meaning, but there are body positivity activists trying to reclaim the word as a descriptor rather than derogatory term. People in larger bodies are often
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Addressing weight stigma on social media will take a concerted effort across an expansive set of stakeholders, but the benefits to population health are consequential and well-worth the authors' collective attention.
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ABSTRACT Proponents of the body positivity (BoPo) movement prominently use social media to promote body appreciation and normalize marginalized bodies. However, companies and social media users have
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Positive body image is an important component of overall health, however, also maintaining a proper clinical definition and self-perception of what constitutes “normal” weight, coupled with weight management, regular exercise, and monitoring blood pressure and blood sugar, will continue progress toward reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.


The Commodification of the Body Positive Movement on Instagram
Since 2012 there has been a heightened presence of the body positive movement on Instagram. Women who occupy non-normative bodies use the platform to post selfies to challenge dominant ideals of
#BoPo on Instagram: An experimental investigation of the effects of viewing body positive content on young women’s mood and body image
It was concluded that body-positive content may offer a fruitful avenue for improving young women’s body image, although further research is necessary to fully understand the effects on self-objectification.
#bodypositivity: A content analysis of body positive accounts on Instagram.
The role of the media in body image concerns among women: a meta-analysis of experimental and correlational studies.
The findings support the notion that exposure to media images depicting the thin-ideal body is related to body image concerns for women.
Towards a Radical Body Positive
Under the auspices of the “body positive movement” there has, in recent years, been a proliferation of websites dedicated to nurturing bodily acceptance. Responding to the barrage of media images