The cardiovascular effects of a chimeric opioid peptide based on morphiceptin and PFRTic-NH2

  title={The cardiovascular effects of a chimeric opioid peptide based on morphiceptin and PFRTic-NH2
  author={Meixing Li and Lan-xia Zhou and Guoning Ma and Shuo Cao and Shouliang Dong},
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Implication of Opioid Receptors in the Antihypertensive Effect of a Novel Chicken Foot-Derived Peptide
The potential involvement of opioids receptors in the BP-lowering effect of AVFQHNCQE was studied in the presence of opioid receptors-antagonist Naloxone, demonstrating that AVF QH NCQE antihypertensive effect is mediated through its interaction with opioid receptors.
Endogenous opiates and behavior: 2013


RF9, a potent and selective neuropeptide FF receptor antagonist, prevents opioid-induced tolerance associated with hyperalgesia.
The discovery of a potent and selective NPFF receptor antagonist, RF9, that can be administered systemically and indicate that NPFF receptors are part of a bona fide antiopioid system and that selective antagonists of these receptors could represent useful therapeutic agents for improving the efficacy of opioids in chronic pain treatment.
Mechanisms underlying the cardiovascular responses to peripheral administration of NPFF in the rat.
The data demonstrate the presence of the NPFF system in the rat heart and suggest that the cardiovascular responses of peripheral administration of NPFF are mediated by the stimulation of peripheral NPFF receptors and suggest a functional interaction between adrenergic and NPFF systems.
Opioid peptides decrease noradrenaline release and blood pressure in the rabbit at peripheral receptors
It is concluded that the opioid peptides as well as bremazocine decrease action potential-evoked release of noradrenaline and, secondarily, blood pressure.
Central Administration of Neuropeptide FF Causes Activation of Oxytocin Paraventricular Hypothalamic Neurones That Project to the Brainstem
It is concluded that centrally administered NPFF stimulates brainstem‐projecting oxytocin PVN neurones, which modulate the activity of ascending visceral autonomic pathways that synapse initially within the NTS.