The carbon dioxide problem. An interdisciplinary survey

  title={The carbon dioxide problem. An interdisciplinary survey},
  author={W. Bach and H. Br{\"o}hl and Urs Fischbach and Jan Goudriaan and Ulrich Hampicke and Gundolf Hans Kohlmaier and G. L. Kratz and W. Louwerse and Cesare Marchetti and Friedrich Niehaus and Hans Oeschger and Ralph M. Rotty and W. Schunck and Ulrich Siegenthaler and Herman Van Keulen and H. H. Van Laar},
Editorial remarks. The increasing production of COs by industrial processes will, as is well known from changes in infrared absorption, lead to a disturbance in atmospheric heat circulation. Although modern coal-based technology is environmentally conscious, the output of world coal production could be as much as 7 billion tonnes by the year 2000 (from the 'World coal study' chaired by Prof. Carroll Wilson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, May 12, 1980) 1 and, together with the expected… CONTINUE READING