The cII locus in the MutaMouse system.

  title={The cII locus in the MutaMouse system.},
  author={Roy R. Swiger and Lidia Cosentino and Naoko Shima and Jason H. Bielas and William R Cruz-Munoz and John A. Heddle},
  journal={Environmental and molecular mutagenesis},
  volume={34 2-3},
Here, we report the first application and characterization of the cII locus as a mutational target for use with the Muta(trade mark)Mouse system for quantifying somatic mutations in vivo. This locus can be analyzed for mutations using positive selection and is identical in sequence to the cII in the Big Blue((R)) Mouse. The cII displays similar spontaneous (5.5 x 10(-5)) and induced mutation frequencies when compared to the lacZ gene in the small intestine of MutaMice treated with ENU (N-ethyl… CONTINUE READING


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