The buzby phenomenon: Thrushes and telephones

  title={The buzby phenomenon: Thrushes and telephones},
  author={Peter J. B. Slater},
  journal={Animal Behaviour},
  • P. Slater
  • Published 1 February 1983
  • Education
  • Animal Behaviour
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Vocal imitations and production learning by Australian musk ducks (Biziura lobata)

Evidence for vocal learning in a member of a basal clade of the avian phylogeny: the Australian musk duck is provided and the structure of the duck vocalizations indicates a quite sophisticated and flexible control over the vocal production mechanism.

Birdsong: An evolutionary parallel to human language

Comparing birdsong with human language embeds the hitherto purely anthropocentric approach to language into a causal evolutionary framework and helps to identify the selective forces as well as the ecological factors that forged the evolution of language and language-like communication.

Vocal Mimicry in Starlings

The understanding of vocal mimicry is probably not distinct from the understanding of the rest of the song, and explanations which involve the deceit of other birds are rejected.