The business of academic publishing: “a catastrophe”

  title={The business of academic publishing: “a catastrophe”},
  author={Richard Smith},
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The Case for Institutional Support: It’s High Time for Governments and University Administration to Actively Support Wikipedia
  • Piotr Konieczny
  • Political Science
  • She Ji: The Journal of Design, Economics, and Innovation
  • 2021
Abstract This author’s reply continues the discussion that began in “From Adversaries to Allies? The Uneasy Relationship Between Experts and the Wikipedia Community” by Piotr Konieczny. In thisExpand
The Prices of Open Access Publishing: The Composition of APC across Different Fields of Sciences
Modern media technologies paved the way to the open access movement. Instead of the traditional academic subscription and publishing model, which allowed few big publishers to charge excessiveExpand
The political economy of academic publishing: On the commodification of a public good
It is argued that OA publication costs are an important, but by far not the only way for academic publishers to gain access to public funding, and contributes to the debate whether and to what extent public subsidies are justified for economically successful companies. Expand
Disconnections between medical education and medical practice: A neglected dilemma
Excellence in the application of bedside skills and technological advances, accompanied by excellence in humanistic aspects of caring for patients as people, will remain preeminent goals at the heart of medical practice. Expand
Drivers of article processing charges in open access
The results show that market power plays an important role to explain APC, inter alia, through market concentration, market position of individual publishers (publisher size), and the choice of hybrid publishing model. Expand
Academic metrics and the community engagement of tertiary education institutions: emerging issues in gaming, manipulation, and trust
  • Jo Ann Oravec
  • Political Science
  • Tertiary Education and Management
  • 2019
Community engagement has played central roles in tertiary education, expanding the potentials for academic as well as civic enhancement. Such efforts are often undertaken in part with the use ofExpand
Drivers of Article Processing Charges in Open Access
Large publishing companies have been dominating scientific publishing for long, which leads to high subscription fees and inhibited access to scientific knowledge. At digital era, the opportunity ofExpand
Jefferson's Taper in the Digital Hall of Mirrors
Reflections on the political economy of planetary health
Abstract This article seeks to contribute to debates on the political economy of global health by offering a ‘planetary’ perspective. We initially sketch contestations concerning improvements,Expand