The bursty origin of the Milky Way thick disc

  title={The bursty origin of the Milky Way thick disc},
  author={Sijie Yu and J. Bullock and C. Klein and J. Stern and A. Wetzel and Xiangcheng Ma and J. Moreno and Z. Hafen and Alex Gurvich and P. Hopkins and D. Kerevs and C. Faucher-Gigu{\`e}re and R. Feldmann and E. Quataert},
We investigate thin and thick stellar disc formation in Milky-Way-mass galaxies using twelve FIRE-2 cosmological zoom-in simulations. All simulated galaxies experience an early period of bursty star formation that transitions to a late-time steady phase of near-constant star formation. Stars formed during the late-time steady phase have more circular orbits and thindisc-like morphology at z = 0, whilst stars born during the bursty phase have more radial orbits and thick-disc structure… Expand

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