The burden of paediatric intensive care: a South American perspective.


Paediatric intensive care is a relatively new medical specialty that has shown a marked growing up around the world over the last three decades. The limits and the development of this new specialty are not uniform from country to country. Original articles relating to paediatric intensive care and some South American data bases of health care were evaluated and relevant results were selected. Using these data, we describe the main characteristics of paediatric intensive care in South America and discuss some associated factors (e.g. economic aspects, health systems, ethical aspects) that could interfere with the quality and extent of care. A strong relationship between the financial stability of each region and the complexity and quality of paediatric intensive care was seen. A better coverage and more sophisticated paediatric intensive care units (PICUs) are concentrated in the more developed countries (Brazil, Chile and Argentina). Compared to the northern hemisphere, children admitted to the South American PICUs have higher mortality and higher rates of intervention (mechanical ventilation and indwelling catheters). Medical paternalism has a strong influence in the decision-making process offered to terminally ill patients. This phenomenon increases the length of stay, reduces the number of available beds and increases costs. In conclusion, during the last 20 years PICUs have developed and increased their coverage in South America. However, the most sophisticated and well equipped PICUs are preferentially located in the more developed areas whereas those areas with higher infant mortality rates have few PICU beds. Improvements in the economical stability, regional health organisation as well as the rationale for PICU localisation are some of the important goals to be reached in the near future.

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