The build-up of detergent agglomerates in an auger filler

  title={The build-up of detergent agglomerates in an auger filler},
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Powder build-up in detergent packing lines
Build-up is a fouling process in which a small fraction of a powder becomes a film adhered to a surface. Specifically buildup in auger fillers which is the focus of this thesis is a significant
Multiple compaction of microcrystalline cellulose in a roller compactor.
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Adhesion mechanisms between water soluble particles
Wall build up in spray dryers
Most granular laundry detergents are manufactured through spray drying. One drawback of this process is wall build-up, which negatively effects process operation, safety and product quality. Macro
Decoding Powder Tabletability: Roles of Particle Adhesion and Plasticity
Tabletability, the ability to make a tablet of adequate mechanical strength by powder compaction, is of paramount importance in the successful manufacture of tablet products. Poor tabletability is a
Application of external lubrication during the roller compaction of adhesive pharmaceutical formulations
It was found that a formulation containing 20% w/w of either the API Pravastatin or Ibipinabant required a smaller DpS than a placebo formulation in order to prevent roll adherence, which could lead to the production of tablets with superior mechanical properties and faster dissolution times.
Tablet formulation of an active pharmaceutical ingredient with a sticking and filming problem: direct compression and dry granulation evaluations
Abstract Objective: To develop a tablet formulation for an active pharmaceutical ingredient for which sticking and filming problems occurred during tablet punching. Methods: Direct compression and
Roller Compaction and Tabletting of St. John's Wort Plant Dry Extract Using a Gap Width and Force Controlled Roller Compactor. I. Granulation and Tabletting of Eight Different Extract Batches
Investigation of roller compaction parameters on granule and tablet quality of a dry herbal extract from St. John's wort revealed that hyperforin, hypericin, and rutin were more rapidly released from tablets containing granulated extract, and compression of granulated Extract significantly improved tablet quality.