The breathtaking truth about breath alcohol readings of zero.


INTRODUCTION It has been postulated that the hangover state starts when breath alcohol concentration is zero. METHODS Data from 2 studies that assessed ethanol in breath, blood and urine were compared. RESULTS The data revealed that ethanol may still be present in the blood and urine during the hangover state, despite breath analyser readings of zero. DISCUSSION As ethanol is still present in the body despite zero breath alcohol readings, the current consensus to postpone cognitive testing in hangover studies until breath alcohol concentration is zero should be reconsidered.

DOI: 10.1016/j.addbeh.2017.01.023

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@article{Verster2017TheBT, title={The breathtaking truth about breath alcohol readings of zero.}, author={Joris C Verster and Marlou Mackus and Aurora J A E van de Loo and Johan Garssen and Andrew B. Scholey}, journal={Addictive behaviors}, year={2017}, volume={70}, pages={23-26} }