The brain-gut-skin triangle: new peptides.

  title={The brain-gut-skin triangle: new peptides.},
  author={Vittorio Erspamer and Pietro Melchiorri and Maria Broccardo and G. Falconieri Erspamer and Paolo Falaschi and G Improota and Lucia Negri and Tindaro G. Renda},
  volume={2 Suppl 2},
New data on tachykinins and bombesins are displayed and the present situation of research on the novel amphibian skin peptides sauvagine and dermorphin is illustrated. The potent stimulant effect of sauvagine on ACTH and beta-endorphin release has been confirmed both in vivo and on columns of isolated and dispersed rat pituitary cells, and similarly the potent inhibitory effect on PRL and GH release, both in the rat and man. Particular emphasis is laid on the occurrence of sauvagine-like… CONTINUE READING
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