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The bottlenose dolphin: social relationships in a fission-fusion society

  title={The bottlenose dolphin: social relationships in a fission-fusion society},
  author={Rc Connor and Randall S. Wells and Janet Mann and A J Read and P L Tyack and Hal Whitehead and Rs Wells and A J Read and Rs Wells and Andrew J. Read and Richard C. Connor and Peter Lloyd Tyack and Rc Connor and P L Tyack},

Dusky dolphins in New Zealand: group structure by sex and relatedness

Dusky Dolphins in New Zealand: Group Structure by Sex and Relatedness.

Ecology of Chilean dolphins and Peale's dolphins at Isla Chiloe, southern Chile

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The vocal imitation of bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) signature whistles: their use in vocal matching interactions and their role as vocal labels

This paper aims to provide a history of the field and some of the techniques and procedures used in its development, as well as some examples of usage and criticism, that were previously described in the literature.

Behavioural changes in female Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins in response to boat-based tourism

We investigated the behavioural changes of Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins Tursiops aduncus in response to boat-based tourism at both group and individual levels. The behaviour, movement and dive ...


It is suggested that the early years are critical for learning to navigate a complex social and physical environment, e.g., locate resources and associates, avoid permanent mother-calf separations, predation and aggressive conspecifics.

Public Knowledge, Attitudes, and Perceptions Towards Dolphins and Dolphin Conservation

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The partial merger of two dolphin societies

Interactions between mammalian social groups are generally antagonistic as individuals in groups cooperate to defend resources from non-members. Members of the family Delphinidae inhabit a

Shark Bay Bottlenose Dolphins: A Case Study for Defining and Measuring Sociality

Bottlenose dolphins are attractive candidates for the application of social network analysis (SNA), in part because of their complex fission–fusion social organization characterized by dynamic,

Social organization in northern bottlenose whales, Hyperoodon ampullatus: not driven by deep-water foraging?

Studying the social organization of a second, unrelated, deep-diving species, the northern bottlenose whale, investigated the role that deep diving may play in the evolution of cetacean sociality and found no preferential associations with particular individuals or those from specific age/sex classes nor any long-term bonds.

Every scar has a story: age and sex-specific conflict rates in wild bottlenose dolphins

The healing time of conspecific tooth rakes in wild bottlenose dolphins, a demographic profile of injury risk in the population, and patterns of age- and sex-specific received aggression are investigated to contribute to the understanding of the relationship between social conflict and life history strategies in long-lived mammals.