The borrowability of structural categories

  title={The borrowability of structural categories},
  author={Y. Matras and Jeanette Sakel},
A Linguistic Analysis of Quechua Borrowings in Matto de Turner’s Aves sin nido: National Ideology Seen through Linguistic Incorporation
The current study qualitatively and quantitatively analyzes the Quechua borrowings in the discourse of the characters in Clorinda Matto de Turner’s Aves sin nido (1889). Drawing on concepts and
Diachronic perspectives: Long-term changes
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Сашко-lect: The translanguaged grammar of a hyper multilingual global nomad. Part 2 – Contact mechanisms
Analyzing grammatical and lexical features typifying Сашко’s translanguaging practices (code-switches, code-borrowings, and code-mixes), as documented in the corpus of reflexive notes that span the last twenty-five years, the author designs £25,000-worth of translanguaged grammar.
Сашко-lect: The translanguaged grammar of a hyper multilingual global nomad. Part 1 – Methodological considerations
Сашко-lect: The translanguaged grammar of a hyper multilingual global nomad. Part 2 – Methodological considerations
Toward an evolutionary framework for language variation and change
Treating language as an evolvable system offers an elegant unifying framework that can accommodate current knowledge, utilize the rich theoretical framework of evolutionary biology, and synthesize many independent strands of inquiry, initiating a whole new research program.
Linguistic purism and loanword adaptation techniques: the case of Polish
Abstract This article reports on a study whose aim was to analyze the relation between the level of declarative purism and the preference for a particular loanword adaptation technique. Evidence from
A Speech Planning Account of Guarani Grammatical Borrowings in Paraguayan Spanish
Previous studies view the use of Guarani grammatical morphemes in Paraguayan Spanish simply as grammatical borrowings (if one focuses on the morphosyntactic status of mixed forms) or as an
The pragmatic and textual dimensions of French in Côte d'Ivoire: functions of ke in colloquial conversation
  • Adama Drabo
  • Linguistics
    Addaiyan Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • 2021
By focusing on discourse markers, this article aims to show that the appropriation of French in Côte d'Ivoire is manifested from a pragmatic-textual perspective. It contributes to the extension of