The body politic: Gender, the right wing and ‘identity category violations’

  title={The body politic: Gender, the right wing and ‘identity category violations’},
  author={Lisa Downing},
  journal={French Cultural Studies},
  pages={367 - 377}
  • L. Downing
  • Published 2018
  • Sociology
  • French Cultural Studies
The post-Brexit, post-Trump climate in the EU has seen a series of challenges from the right wing of politics to the liberal consensus of recent years (e.g. the rise of Gert Wilders in the Netherlands and the increased support for Alternativ für Deutschland in the 2017 German election). This article examines the gendering and embodiment of the new far right in France and the UK. It offers a comparative focus on two recent political challengers from the right who are female: Marine Le Pen (born… Expand

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