The biosynthesis of rhizobial lipo-oligosaccharide nodulation signal molecules.

  title={The biosynthesis of rhizobial lipo-oligosaccharide nodulation signal molecules.},
  author={Russell W Carlson and Neil P J Price and Gary Stacey},
  journal={Molecular plant-microbe interactions : MPMI},
  volume={7 6},
While a great deal has been learned concerning the biosynthesis of Nod factors, there is much that remains to be determined. The functions of many Nod proteins involved in adding the host-specific modifications to the Nod factors remain to be unequivocally identified. Some of the genes required for these modifications have not yet been isolated, e.g., those involved in carbamylation, or addition of D-Ara. Additionally the cellular location of most of the Nod proteins and, concomitantly, the… CONTINUE READING

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