The biology and economics of the beverage industry

  title={The biology and economics of the beverage industry},
  author={R. H. Cheney},
  journal={Economic Botany},
Cocoa, coffee and tea, world-wide in their use, and yerba matte and guaraná in South America are the great non-alcoholic beverages oi plant origin which owe their stimulating qualities to their content of caffein or caffein-like alkaloids. 
Rooibos tea,aspalathus linearis, a caffeineless, low-tannin beverage
Consumer tests indicate that rooibos tea may be an acceptable alternative to tea, coffee, cocoa and high-caffeine soft drinks, and is said to have enoughfluoride to inhibit caries. Expand
Rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) beyond the farm gate: From herbal tea to potential phytopharmaceutical
Abstract Aspalathus linearis (Burm.f.) Dahlg. (Fabaceae, Tribe Crotalarieae), an endemic South African fynbos species, is cultivated to produce the well-known herbal tea, rooibos. It is currentlyExpand
Rooibos tea, a South African contribution to world beverages
Its appeal to the eye, nose, and taste, together with its soothing and reputedly health-giving properties, is receiving a welcome wherever it has been introduced into world trade. Expand
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S & BIBLIOGRAPHIES Bibliography of Agriculture Biological Abstracts Botany Subject Index (U. S. Dept. of Agriculture) Chemical Abstracts Craker, L. E., A. F. Chadwick, & J. E. Simon. 1986. AnExpand
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The Indian Food and Beverage Services market is expanding rapidly. The compounded annual rate of growth is expected to be 25% and will continue to grow with similar pace in the next few years. TheExpand
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