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The biology and ecology of cotton ( Gossypium hirsutum ) in Australia August 2002

  title={The biology and ecology of cotton ( Gossypium hirsutum ) in Australia August 2002},
  • Published 2004

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Pollen dispersal from two field trials of transgenic cotton in the Namoi Valley, Australia
Pollen dispersal was low in both years, but increased with an increase in the size of the source plot in the second year, and results indicate that 20 m buffer zones would serve to limit dispersal of transgenic pollen from small-scale field tests. Expand
Morphology and anatomy of the cotton plant
  • Cotton : Origin , History , Technology and Production
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Assessing the risk of cotton transgene escape into wild Australian Gossypium species
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  • 1997
Cotton cropping systems
Production of fertile hybrid germplasm with diploid Australian Gossypium species for cotton improvement
Eighteen new fertile synthetic polyploids and 23 self-fertile derivatives of two synthetic hexaploids were produced, representing a new avenue of introgression of genes from wild Australian Gossypium species into commercial cotton cultivars, an avenue limited only by the level of recombination. Expand
Determination of the rate of allogamy in herbaceous cotton in the cerrado of Mato Grosso, In Anais II Congresso brasileiro de Algodao: O algodao no secula XX perpectivas para o seculo XXI
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The origin and domestication of cotton
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Seed quality and planting environment
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Degree of Pollen Dispersal by Insects from a Field Test of Genetically Engineered Cotton
The border rows fulfilled their purpose of serving as a pollen sink to significantly reduce the amount of pollen dissemination from the test plot, indicating at this location in Mississippi, the distance surrounding a transgenic cotton field test could be reduced and still provide reasonable pollen containment. Expand
Genetics, cytology and evolution of Gossypium.
This chapter presents a comprehensive review of the published information on the cytology, genetics, and evolution of Gossypium and presents recent data and information on genome organization with which a hypothesis is proposed for the origin of the allotetraploid species that is different from that generally assumed. Expand