The biologically effective dose in inhalation nanotoxicology.

  title={The biologically effective dose in inhalation nanotoxicology.},
  author={Ken Donaldson and Anja Schinwald and Fiona A. Murphy and Wan-Seob Cho and Rodger Duffin and Lang Tran and Craig A. Poland},
  journal={Accounts of chemical research},
  volume={46 3},
In all branches of toxicology, the biologically effective dose (BED) is the fraction of the total dose of a toxin that actually drives any toxic effect. Knowledge of the BED has a number of applications including in building structure-activity relationships, the selection of metrics, the design of safe particles, and the determination of when a nanoparticle (NP) can be considered to be "new" for regulatory purposes. In particle toxicology, we define the BED as "the entity within any dose of… CONTINUE READING