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The biological characters and behavior of Mantichorula semenowi

  title={The biological characters and behavior of Mantichorula semenowi},
  author={Zhang Da},
  journal={Entomological Knowledge},
  • Zhang Da
  • Published 2003
  • Biology
  • Entomological Knowledge
Mantichorula semenowi Reitter is a pest from the deserts and semi-deserts of China. This paper describes its morphological characteristics, living habits, life cycle and behavior. It is known that this species completes one generation in two years, both adults and larvae hibernate in soil and generations overlap. The egg stage is 10~18 days. The larva has seven instars. The execrate pupa appears from the end of June to early August and imagoes emerge after 11~17 days. Mantichorula semenowi is… Expand