The biological and philosophical definitions of life

  title={The biological and philosophical definitions of life},
  author={M. E. J. Jeuken},
  journal={Acta Biotheoretica},
  • M. Jeuken
  • Published 1975
  • Philosophy
  • Acta Biotheoretica
SummaryA distinction must be made between various levels of thought. For a definition of life the formulation on the level of natural sciences,i.e. the biological definition, will not be the same as the philosophical expression. The biological definition is based on thephenomenon of life, the appearance, and considers the molecular structure and functions of a cell. The philosophical definition regards thebeing and it is proposed to consider life as transcendental. It is argued that there is no… 
An Exploration of the Concept of Life in Biology and Ṣadrian Theosophy
The nature of life has obsessed the philosophers and scientists for long. One of the sciences that has a very close relationship with the concept of life is biology. Biology uses two approaches to
Towards a Hierarchical Definition of Life, the Organism, and Death
This paper suggests improving definitions of life and death by basing definitions on a theory of a generalized particle hierarchy, which uses the common denominator of the “operator” for a unified ranking of both particles and organisms, from elementary particles to animals with brains.
Dialogue Concerning Life: Abiogenesis, Biogenesis Or Creationism: Religious Response
Life itself is a mystery, the how and when of life’s origin constitute a serious challenge to both religion and science. To the reasoning mind, the origination of life is an intellectual problem that
The problem of defining life: a case study
16 The question of how to define life has been an unresolved question in the philosophy of biology for 17 many years, but developing a definition of life that is useful in both technical and everyday
Evolution und ‘Evolutions’-Theorie in system- und metatheoretischer Betrachtung
In a critical survey, based on systems – theoretical and meta-theoretical considerations, principal objections against usual "evolution"-theory are raised, abounding the result, that this widely accepted theory is scientifically questionable.
The Evolution and Development of the Universe
This document is the Special Issue of the First International Conference on the Evolution and Development of the Universe (EDU 2008). Please refer to the preface and introduction for more details on
Définition du vivant et émergence de la vie : entre rupture et continuité, saisir l'originalité du vivant
Comment caracteriser le vivant dans le cadre scientifique tel qu'il se pratique et partant, identifier les contraintes et limites epistemiques qui rendent si delicate la theorisation d'un systeme
The operator hierarchy : a chain of closures linking matter, life and artificial intelligence
Dit proefschrift beschrijft een nieuw ordenend principe met als doel daarmee bruggen te kunnen bouwen tussen de verschillende wetenschapsvelden. Bij het realiseren van dit doel is de evolutietheorie


The Leeuwenhoek Lecture - The problem of anabiosis or latent life: history and current concept
  • D. Keilin
  • Medicine
    Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series B - Biological Sciences
  • 1959
The eight previous Leeuwenhoek Lectures covered a great variety of problems is bacteriology and virology, and each of the lecturers paid an enthusiastic tribute Antony van Leeuwenhoek as the founder